Technical Analysis with Bloomberg Terminal

there are a couple of commands in the Bloomberg terminal that can be used for the technical analysis.

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<GP> with this command we can access the charting tools in the bloomberg terminal.

<G> it gives all the charts that are premade by bloomberg terminal and other thirdparty providers.

Trend prediction with Bloomberg Terminal:

  1. Using the trend channels tool in the annotation of the graphs.
  2. use retracement tool from the toolbar of the graph.
  3. time span tool, will show us the amount of time needed to recover.

<STDY> shows different algorithms designed.

<Tech> Library of all technical analysis tools in Bloomberg. one of the very useful tools in the library of studies is TRENSTALL.

<TSIG> Trading Signals. you can set reminders for you for a list of stocks you are trading.

<NI TechBAI> it shows the news topics on technical indicators.



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