Technical Analysis: Confirming Resistance and support, Volume Spread and block Analysis

today I looked for some points of confirmation for my resistance, support and entrance points.

the spread between the bid and ask volume defines the trend of the market. if the spread is narrow it is because of one of the following events: 1. the market maker is happy because there is a huge volume of buy and sell 2. the sellers and buyers are happy about the trend. but whenever the spread width becomes more, it is a sign of instability in the trend. it leads to an increase in the price if the bid volume (Demand) increases and the ask volume (supply) decreases. one side should yield, and at this point a new trend forms. In this video, I also talked about the volume of trade, volume distribution and the way that I use for confirming the resistance points. The Bloomberg terminal functions used in this video are: [GIV] for Spread Analysis [GIMB] for Volume Blocks Analysis [IGPV] for Volume Distribution analysis and confirmation of resistance and support



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