Algotrading Implementation on Google SpreadSheet

There are many solutions for setting up an Algo trading software, among them google spreadsheet-based Algotraders are the easiest ones. For sure it is not currently the best solution for trading but, for a cheap solution, for starting this business.

Photo by Adam Nowakowski on Unsplash

I believe in spreadsheets because of multiple different reasons,

  1. It is developed by Google as an integrated solution provider. Currently, Google allows us to use the Spreadsheet as a database.
  2. It is easy to implement, easy to revise, and not a costly solution

3. App script is based on javascript so the scalability of the project can be easily handled. It is well documented and there are a handful of developers on different outsourcing platforms that can work on its development.

here is a sample code for connection of Alpaca to google spreadsheet for simple trade.



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Iman Najafi

Iman Najafi


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